Local Business Aims To Cash In On ‘E-Cigarettes’

.One local business is banking on the fact that smokers will be looking for alternatives to cigarettes, either to avoid the new warning labels, or to avoid increasingly stringent smoking bans.

Angela Fallon smoked for twenty years. She developed bronchial asthma. It’s why she switched to electronic cigarettes.

“I noticed the benefits of it right away,” she says. “Within a month, I was breathing better and wasn’t having any rumbling in my chest.”

Matt Smith says he switched to electronic cigarettes when smoking bans made smoking logistically difficult, to say the least. He liked it so much he invented his own brand of electronic cigarette, called “The Revolver.”

There’s nicotine but no tobacco or smoke with an e-cigarette. “The liquid is a solution that’s made up of water, nicotine, propalyne glycol and whatever flavoring,” Smith explains.

“If I go someplace, I usually tell the person, tell management, hey I’m not smoking, I’m vaping,” he says. “You’re not smoking it. It’s a vaporizer.”

Smith is banking on the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes and has opened what he calls a vapor lounge for “vaping.”

Smith is looking at franchising his vapor lounge concept and believes stringent bans on second hand smoke and new cigarette labels will make vaping catch fire.

So far, there are no studies to show the effects of e-cigarettes, and experts say ask your doctor about them if you’re considering switching.


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