How To Save Money Using E-Cigarettes

In case you didn’t know, E cigarettes are becoming extremely popular and more and more smokers are becoming tobacco free using these new alternative devices to smoking. Many of these long time smokers are loving the fact that they can pretty much avoid the public smoking ban and can still smoke without the dangers that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes. But one of the best things smokers are learning about the advantages of using these E cigarettes is the savings. Do you want to know how to save money using E cigarettes? Keep Reading on.

First of all, many states have passed or are trying to pass new tax laws that will add a significant tax to each pack of cigarettes that a consumer purchases. I know here in Florida, Charlie Christ passed a new tax charge of $1.00 per pack of cigarettes which means the cost of packs of cigarettes are averaging $6.00 to $7.00. Cartons of cigarettes are running about $60 to $70 as well.

Now here is how to save money using E cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are battery powered and have nicotine cartridges which hold liquid nicotine in them along with a built in atomizer. These nicotine cartridges screw right onto the top of the battery and when the smoker puffs on the cigarette, the battery sends an electrical charge to the atomizer which heats up the liquid nicotine and turn it into nicotine water vapor and not smoke. Now here is the best part. Each nicotine cartridge or better known as an electronic cigarette refill is replaceable. When the cartridge is depleted, all the smoker has to do is screw the cartridge off and replace it with a fresh cartridge.

These electronic cigarette refills are the reason why you can save money on your smoking habit. Most cartridges come in packs of 5 which are equal to a carton of cigarettes. A pack of 5 cartridges only cost about $14.95 which means instead of paying $60.00 for a carton of tobacco cigarettes you are saving over 50%. This is how to save money using E cigarettes. So they next time you go and purchase a pack of cigarettes at the store, just know that if you would be using the electronic cigarette, you could be saving more money than you could ever imagined.


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