Borshway Vv Variable voltage Kit

Borshway Vv Variable voltage Kit now available, it comes with 1500mAh capacity, and with a very powerful voltages available. Variable voltage level 3.7V-4.8V-5.5V.

Original Borshway Product, Borshway Vv Patent Number: 201430220444.7 

Kit contents:

1 PCS rechargeable borshway VV battery
1 PCS trustank-3 clearomizer
1 PCS extra trustank-3 coil
1 PCS user manual
1 PCS A/C Adapter

Quick detail:

1. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
2.Charge time: 4~5 hours
3. Variable voltages: 3.7V, 4.8V, 5.5V
4. Battery length: 113mm
5. Atomizer capacity: 2.5 ml
6. Atomizer resistance 2.0Ω,
7. Battery length: 113mm
8. Battery weight: 0.1kg
9. Full Kit weight: 0.35kg
10 Available colors: Silver, Black, Purple, Gold, Green, Blue
11.Green light-3.7V,  Blue light-4.8V,  White light-5.5V


User Guide/ Battery Led light instruction:

1. When you want to make the battery work, please click button 5 times to unlock. the led light flash 5 time with blue color, that means the battery is unlock successfully,

2. Press the button again, if it light with green color, then it work as 3.7V, if it light with blue color, it work as 4.8V, if it light with white color, it work as 5.5V, sure you can try to change it easily, you need to press 3 times quickly to adjust the voltage from 3.7V to 4.8V, do it with the same way if you want to adjust the voltage from 4.8V to 5.5V, or from 5.5V to 3.7V,  in a word, borshway Vv rotation 3.7V-4.8V-5.5V-3.7V-4.8V, what you need to do is press the button 3 times quickly to change it.

3. When you want to let your borshway Vv have a rest, please click 5 times quickly, the led light will flash 5 times with blue color.

4. When the led light turn red, that means the power is too low, less than 20%

Borshway-Vv (1) Borshway-Vv (4) Borshway-Vv (5) Borshway-Vv (7) Borshway-Vv (8) Borshway-Vv (10) Borshway-Vv (14) Borshway-Vv (15)





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